Flirt Like the Rest of Them


As someone who has a hard time flirting with guys, I find that the majority of the advice out there is really unhelpful. A lot of my friends are really good at it, so good that they can literally walk up to a guy and have them drooling over them in a few seconds. I want to have A game but right now I’m definitely a C student. How can I improve?


The Class Dunce

Dear Dunce,

Rest assure that you are not the only dummy in the classroom. I too have problems macking on guys and I definitely think that the majority of advice out there is super ridiculous. When I try to wink I look like I have a twitch and since I have short hair trying to toss it over my shoulder really just looks like I’m jerking my head from left to right. All in all, it makes for a hot mess of a situation. But here’s something new to try: flirting like a guy. Ever wonder why the grossest gremlin in the club is always hitting on women who are way out of their league? Well besides being delusional, maybe there’s something more to it. Maybe they, and all guys have a tactic that we women should be prescribing to. Read How to Flirt Like A Guy and let the games begin, just make sure you don’t get all Beyonce If I Were A Boy on us. Good Luck!


Lip Service

Dear IHFH,

I was sitting in my apartment living room totally making out with this boy when all of a sudden he pulls away from and says that I’m a bad kisser and that maybe we should just watch T.V. What the cuss!! I have never in my life had anyone tell me that I was a bad kisser…but then again I’ve never had anyone tell me that I was a good kisser. What gives? What should I do?


Kissing and Confused

Dear Kissing,

Wow, what a super diss! That must of hurt pretty bad. It’s always hard to hear that your skills aren’t quite as good as you think you they are. But if I were you, I would see this as an opportunity to improve. Check out these three How Cast videos about kissing. I’m sure that after watching these you’ll be kissing like a champ!

Caught with Egg on Your Facebook


So I’ve been dating this guy, but I think I’ve completely obliterated any chances that I might have had with him. I was on Facebook one day casually perusing pictures of the guy that I’m dating, when I cam across pictures of him and his ex-girlfriend. I had only heard him talk about her, but I wanted to see what she looks like and…well…let’s just say that I accidently tagged myself in pictures of him and his ex-girlfriend. And he knows about it. I. Need. Help. NOW!!!!!

Yours truly,

Facebook Foul up

Dear Facebook,

A little part of me died from embarrassment when I read this, so I can’t even imagine how you’re feeling. No matter how great Facebook can be, never forget that when it comes to dating (and especially in the early stages of dating) Facebook if your frenemy! Let me say that again: Facebook is your frenemy!! Now, don’t get me wrong. Facebook is my favorite and I’m always on it, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had other women tell me how Facebook has derailed and otherwise really good relationship.

Using Facebook to send funny youtube movies, share jokes or to just check in is perfectly fine, but using Facebook to do recon work is never the best of ideas. What you should do is…come clean. There’s really no other way around this; you were obviously looking at his pictures. Or you could tell him that you got in a fight with one of your friends and to get back at you she hacked into your Facebook account and tagged you in those pictures. Whichever works best for you. I hope that in the future if you want to know something about the person that you’re dating you’ll just ask them. Sure it’s old fashion, but it tends to prevent such situations as your Facebook kerfuffle. However, is this tactic is a little too dated for you, watch the video below and learn how the pros do it.

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places…Until Now

*These are not actually guys from Time Out. I’m sorry If I got your hopes up up.

How many times have you said to yourself “dating would be a lot easier if I had someone to sift through all the losers, creepers and dummies!” Well guess what…someone has!! Time Out magazine has pulled other people looking for love. Right now they have hotties ready and waiting for people who live in New York City and Chicago. Time Out London, although not as extensive as the other two cities, can get you the hook up so that you can hook up as well. Happy Hunting!

The Carnivores Dilemma

Dear IHFH,

I’m a meat eater. I love meat. I love meat so much that I wrap my meat with meat. My conscience has never suffered from my carnivorous ways so much so that I can eat veal without even flinching. Now, my boyfriend is a vegetarian. He hates meat and thinks that people who eat it are evil. If he had his way, the whole world would never be allowed to eat anything that once had a face. He’s so committed to his vegetarianism that he’s contemplating becoming a vegan and already won’t eat anything that has milk or cheese in it. We both love to eat out but constantly fight over where to go. In my effort to be more understanding, I’ve been going to more vegetarian restaurants but they’re all super gross. Got any suggestions on where we both can dine?


Just Plain Hungry

Dear Hungry,

Now that vegetarianism has been mainstream for many years, there are quite a few restaurants that have great options that are tasty and meat free. One of my absolute favorite places is Maoz. This casual vegetarian eatery started in Europe and has slowly migrated to American. They make the best falafels that come with Belgian fries and an all you can eat salad bar that has such options as sautéed broccoli, seasoned carrots and tomato salad to name a few. Everything is made fresh (even their juices and lemonade is made fresh). This place is absolutely delicious, and as a meat lover myself I’ve never left here unsatisfied. For a full review of Maoz, check out A Skinny Girl’s Guide to Eating or check out these Yelp NYC options.

Maoz NYC Locations

A: 38 Union Square East, New York, NY‎, (212) 260-1988‎

B: 59 East 8th Street, New York, NY, (212) 420-5999‎‎

C: 2047 Broadway, Manhattan, New York, NY‎, (212) 362-2622‎

D: 558 Fashion Avenue, New York, NY‎, (212) 777-0820‎

E: 59 E 8th St, New York, NY‎, (212) 420-5999‎

F: 2047 Broadway, New York, NY‎, (212) 362-2622‎

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